Worshiping the Lord is to acknowledge the WORTHSHIP of the Lord Almighty. why today the Church exists? because we lost worship from our heart. Let us Praise & worship him with Christian Visionary Radio.

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God's Word

John 1:1 Says that "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." we are called out to obey this Holy word only. Visionary Radio preaches the word of The Living God only. through the disciples of Christ.

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True Testimony comes when we have true belief on the Lord God almighty. and also testimony comes when we experience & tast the Lord and his greatness. Christian Visionary Radio brings testimonies of faith.

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Since Saved

Why Media Ministry

We almost cover all the area of Gospel Sharing ways. but along with that media is one of the important ways to share the true Holy word. now are days media is taking cover most of the time of people's life. and this is very important to make a true lifeful way to share the love of God.

people are spending a big-time online to watch and listing other things. it is also our duty to make life-saving salvational media.

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